Aysha Kevin Michele

Film, 28min., Full HD, color, sound, D/e, 2017 


The mental world of adolescents is fascinating. While we find the YouTube stars they adore totally dull, we are amazed at how subtle the teenagers thoughts can be in the next moment. The 28-minute film Aysha Kevin Michele (2017) by Florine Leoni is a portrayal of the youths named in the title who live in a rural dormitory. Kevin: “Whoever is watching the film now and has a goal, believe in yourself, you’ll achieve it.” Afterwards the boy (involuntarily) promotes the original limited cap of Sido. Why these three? The question is quickly answered during the course of the film, because strong characters are revealed behind the occasionally stereotypical self-images. One senses the difficult adolescent search for one’s own voice in the multitude of prevailing standards.

Valérie Knoll, Kunsthalle Bern, CH, 2017



Aysha Galbucci

Kevin Kohler

Michele Lorenzini


Director / Producer: Florine Leoni 
Process work expert: Christine Indermühle

Director of Photography: Aurelio Buchwalder 

Editor: Florine Leoni / Jannik Giger 
Location sound mix: Simon Graf 
Sound design: Tobias Koch 
Music by: Tobias Koch, Kevin Kohler, Jannik Giger, Death Grips Remixes

Project management: Xenia Fünfschilling 



Excerpt, duration 2:18 of 28:00

«I don’t like doing complicated things. I do like doing them, but it just takes too long and I can’t do the same thing for too long. It drives me crazy. That’s why I like doing things that don’t take too long and have a good outcome.» Quote from Michele Lorenzini

«I have already fallen off many times. I’ve been in coma before, but that one was the most ridiculous fall I have ever had. I have never fallen off my horse and said: «I have a concussion, I have a concussion». I have never fallen as stupidly as that…But the fact that I got back on the horse after the fall, made me proud.» Quote from Aysha Galbucci

«It’s fun to speak in front of the camera. It’s something that you probably won't do for a while. At most if you become a journalist or some sort of celebrity. Or if they need you for an advertisement. But otherwise, I can't imagine to be needed in front of the camera. Or you become a football player, then you're also in front of the camera, but probably not by choice.» Quote from Kevin Kohler

Awards: Winner of Basler Short Film Prize 2017, Winner of Best Documentary Short Film Award, South Film and Arts academy Festival, Chile 2018


Presentations: Kunsthalle Bern, CH, 53. Solothurner Filmtage 2018, DOCfeed, Eindhoven Netherlands 2018, Lanus International Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2018, South Film and Arts academy Festival, Chile 2018, Global India International Film Festival, Pune, India, 2018